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Residents’ survey

Whilst there’s lots going on in the national political arena, I haven’t lost sight of the need to ensure that I’m working for you in Much Wenlock – and other communities in my division – to the best of my ability. I’m therefore distributing a Residents’ Survey to your door over the next week or two and I look forward to receiving your comments. As ever, I will read them all and act on them. If you don’t receive a survey you can read it, along with my introduction, here.

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To complete the survey, you can download it here. Once complete, you can either email it to me, post it to LCCA, 54 Broad Street, Ludlow SY8 1GP, or drop it off at either one of these popular local shops:

Mrs P’s, 57 High Street, Much Wenlock

Downes, 49A High St, Broseley



An indication of the community’s opinions has emerged from the popular survey which Philip Dunne MP and I conducted in March and April. An encouraging 17% of all electors in Much Wenlock Division responded and indicated that 81% are in favour of the principle of a locally prepared Neighbourhood Plan to determine where and how much development should take place in the area.

The answers also showed that 61% disapproved, or disapproved strongly, of the siting of large (over 40m high) wind turbines in our neighbourhood. Only 23% approved of them. The prospect of smaller turbines was also unpopular with the majority expressing an opinion.

Just under 50% experienced slow broadband speed – hopefully this will be much improved for many after the superfast broadband rollout in Much Wenlock in the second half of this year.

67% of mobile phone users who responded could get no more than two bars of reception in the Much Wenlock area. The Government has set aside £150 million to help boost rural mobile signal availability and we will be pressing the needs of Much Wenlock residents to Arqiva, who are responsible for delivering the Mobile Infrastructure Project.

Finally, there is strong consensus (85%) in favour of the Shropshire Council Tax freeze and Shropshire Council spending cuts focused on reducing administration costs (77%).

Flooding risk

The current flooding problems across the country remind us that at times Much Wenlock and its surrounding settlements are subject to flooding. Shropshire Council is offering free property flood surveys.  The surveys will be carried out by an approved independent surveyor.  An assessment will be made of the likely routes of ingress for flood water entering your property, and the steps that you can take to either help keep the water out or reduce its impact.

After visiting, the surveyor will then issue a brief report outlining the findings.  You can then use it to help plan protective measures for your property.  Shropshire Council can also provide further guidance on the types of products that are available.

If you would like to arrange a free survey, please email or call 0345 678 9000.

David Turner

Woodhouse Farm
Much Wenlock
TF13 6NZ

01952 728802
Shropshire Council
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