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Pinefield – 40 High Street, Much Wenlock

I last wrote about this property in March of this year when a planning application and a listed building application had been submitted simultaneously. The planning application is described as “Erection of one dwelling with garage; repair to outbuilding; erection of one pair of semi-detached dwellings with attached 3-bay garage” – so, three dwellings proposed on the back land.

The listed building application, dealing with an important Regency building within the Much Wenlock conservation area, is entitled “Repair and renewal of roof coverings, rainwater goods, rendering, doors and windows; internal alterations”. This was granted by planning officers under delegated powers, on 23rd August.


Pinefield, 40 High Street Much Wenlock – August 2017

In detail, the proposed works include include “the replacement, like for like, of the broken and defective front and rear bowed windows and side elevation bay; new glazed timber internal doors to match existing between the living room and garden room; new main staircase to match existing; lower section of secondary stair to be replicated; subdivision of a room to create a cloak room and wash room; unblocking of two small windows on the rear elevation; unblocking a recess and the sealing of a door on the side elevation of the rear wing. A small lean-to structure at the rear of the building would be removed. At first floor level the front windows would be removed; some new partitions installed to create an ensuite bathroom and ensuite shower room, and a doorway sealed to create an independent bathroom. Defective first floor areas would be renewed on a like for like basis. The roof would be the subject of extensive works to renew and repair defective elements on a like for like basis (Clay tiles and lead flashings etc).”

The Conservation Officer has advised the proposed repair works outlined in the application are considered to be appropriate and necessary to bring this important listed building back into habitable residential accommodation and secure it for future generations.

Concerns have been expressed, including by the Town Council and Much Wenlock Civic Society, that there should be some formal link between any benefit to be derived from the planning application for the back land and the cost of carrying out the works on the host property. This I fully support, and I am encouraged to see that the planning officer says that “the ‘enabling development’ and a tie in to planning application 17/00998/FUL, are matters for consideration in the assessment of that planning application. They are not grounds to delay the consideration of this listed building application which relates solely to works to the listed building itself….”

Where do we go from here? Whilst the planning application has yet to be decided – and I have requested that this be dealt with by Shropshire Council’s South Planning Committee – there is no reason in principle why the refurbishment works to Pinefield cannot be commenced immediately. The Section 215 notice has run its course, so Shropshire Council is presumably in a position to flex its muscles to ensure that the work gets underway. Realistically, the listed building  and Section 215 works will cost a lot of money. I recognise that the applicants will want some assurance that their planning application for three dwellings will be approved. For this reason I am pressing the planning officers to bring this to the Planning Committee soon.

Shropshire Council, encouraged by me and supported by many residents, has made more progress on this iconic property in the past eighteen months than had been made in the past eighteen years. We don’t want to lose momentum now.


Pinefield – 40 High Street, Much Wenlock

On 9th March I wrote here about a listed building application that had been lodged with Shropshire Council. I described myself as being “cautiously pleased” to see the application which aimed to carry out repairs, reinstatements and minor alterations to the historic Pinefield. I was cautious because I hadn’t seen the associated planning application for enabling development on the backland.

Today I’ve been notified that an application, reference number 17/00998/FUL, has been lodged with Shropshire Council seeking to erect “1no detached dwelling with garage, repair of existing outbuilding in close proximity and erection of 2no semi detached dwellings with attached 3bay garage”. A quick glance at the site layout indicates that the scheme appears to be far better laid out and less imposing than the previous application for four dwellings.

Fullscreen capture 31-Mar-17 80524 PM

The very helpful aerial site perspective provided by the applicants certainly seems more sympathetic to its setting in the curtilage of the listed building, and to the conservation area. I remain concerned that the garden area remaining with Pinefield appears inadequate for such an imposing property, and when it is refurbished and, hopefully, occupied it is likely that the residents will have cars. No vehicular access is shown and even if a driveway is formed, parking and garaging will consume a large part of this garden space.Fullscreen capture 31-Mar-17 80443 PMNonetheless, this is a step in the right direction and I welcome the progress. Doubtless local residents will take time to consider their opinion of the proposals. In view of the historic importance of Pinefield, its setting in the conservation area and my concerns about vehicular access and egress on the busy A458, I have requested that both applications are determined by Shropshire Council’s South Planning Committee.

Pinefield – 40 High Street, Much Wenlock

I have written about this site previously – in August 2015, October 2015 and July 2016, when a Section 215 notice was served by Shropshire Council. This required the owners to carry out urgent works to the building to make it safe.


Pinefield – 40 High Street, Much Wenlock

This followed much local concern about the integrity of this important and high-profile Grade II listed building for many years. Over the past few weeks, there have been alarming reports about glass falling from the rotting window frames. I am therefore cautiously pleased to note that a Listed Building Application has been received by Shropshire Council which includes “repairs, reinstatements and minor alterations affecting a Grade II Listed Building to include repair and renewal of roof coverings, rainwater goods, external render, doors, windows and interiors “. The planning application may be seen herethe Design, Access & Heritage Impact statement for repairs and alterations to Pinefield sets out a comprehensive appraisal of the developer’s challenge.

My caution is because the application says “….this application is closely linked with the planning application for the erection of 3no traditional dwellings on land to the rear of No40 itself.” The planning application has not yet appeared on Shropshire Council’s website and the two proposals must be viewed alongside each other to ensure that any enabling residential development is appropriate. Pinefield’s refurbishment must not be achieved at the expense of poor design or overbearing development.




Pinefield – 40 High Street, Much Wenlock


I wrote in August and October about this house. Then it was hoped that sympathetic development of part of the garden might result in sufficient money being generated to put the Grade II listed Pinefield into good order. Unfortunately the proposal was unsatisfactory and there has been no apparent progress since then.

Shropshire Council has now served a “Section 215” notice on the owners. This sets out the minimum works required to bring the property back to a reasonable standard and which will rectify the “adverse effects the property is having on the amenity of the neighbourhood”. The specified works include removing vegetation from the building, repairing windows, doors, gutters and roof tiles and dealing with pointing and with the cracks in the render. At the time of writing this, a copy of the notice is fixed to the building.Pinefield

The notice requires the works be completed within six months. Hopefully, serving the notice will result in a positive transformation in the property’s integrity and appearance. Ideally, bringing it back into habitation will secure its future.

Pinefield – 40 High Street

As I forecast in August, a planning application has now been submitted for the erection “of four detached dwellings; creation of vehicular access and estate road to include works to, and felling of, trees” at the rear of this property. The reference number is 15/02563/FUL and details may be found on Shropshire Council’s website.

Pinefield – 40 High Street, Much Wenlock

PinefieldThis house, which has been unoccupied for many years, has been the subject of much concern. Grade II listed, it was once occupied by the distinguished author Rev. D.H.S. Cranage*, curate of Holy Trinity Church, Much Wenlock.

I have been pursuing this over the past couple of years and, at last, it seems that a planning application has now been submitted to Shropshire Council. I understand that some information is still outstanding, so it may not be validated and publicised for a week or two. In view of the level of interest locally, I thought that advance notice might be of some assistance.

* Born on 10 October 1866, David Cranage was educated at King’s College, Cambridge. Ordained in 1897, he held curacies at Little Wenlock and Much Wenlock and was Secretary of the Cambridge University Local Lectures until his appointment as Dean of Norwich, a post he held for 19 years. He died on 22 October 1957. He is of special local importance, having written the authoritative work “An Architectural Account of the Churches of Shropshire”.

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