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Local elections on 4th May

On 5th April, Shropshire Council published details of the candidates for elections to be held on 4th May.

So far as Shropshire Council elections are concerned, I was surprised to learn that I am the only candidate for the Much Wenlock division. As such, this is the only seat out of 74 across the authority not to be contested. So, come 4th May, I will have been elected uncontested as the Conservative candidate for Much Wenlock division.IMG_0492

As regards town and parish council elections, the following is the position in the Much Wenlock division.

Barrow Parish Council (five members)

Current Parish Councillors Nick Downes, Philip Knott and Milner Whiteman have been nominated. Long-serving parish councillors Shirley King and Sally Gibbon are standing down. Anne Skinner from Linley and Steven Churchill from Benthall have been nominated. Given that the number of nominations equals the complement of the parish council, there will be no election.

Broseley Town Council, Broseley Wood ward (one member)

Current Town Councillor Andy Cooke is standing down and Gavin Goodall, who has recently moved to Shropshire, has been nominated. Given that he is unopposed, there will be no election.

Easthope, Shipton & Stanton Long Parish Council, Easthope ward (two members)

Current Parish Councillors Robin Gibson and Bob Seaward are standing down. No nominations have been received, so the Parish Council will co-opt for this ward.

Easthope, Shipton & Stanton Long Parish Council, Shipton ward (two members)

Current Parish Councillors Simon Brown and Brian Williams have been nominated. Given that the number of nominations equals the complement of the ward, there will be no election.

Easthope, Shipton & Stanton Long Parish Council, Stanton Long ward (three members)

Current Parish Councillors Mike Belshaw, Keith Jones and Jonathan Taylor have been nominated. Given that the number of nominations equals the complement of the ward, there will be no election.

Much Wenlock Town Council (eleven members)

Current Town Councillors Robin Bennett, Mike Grace, Paul Laming, Joffrey Watson and I are standing down and Graham Edgcumbe-Venning, Bert Harper, Mary Hill, Yvonne Holyoak, Dafydd Jenkins and Milner Whiteman OBE are standing again. New candidates standing are Trevor Childs, former town mayor David Gibbon, Robert Toft and Michael Walter. There is one nomination short of the full complement, so the Town Council will co-opt.

Much Wenlock Museum – the future

On Saturday Ludlow constituency’s MP, Philip Dunne, was in Much Wenlock for one of his frequent advice surgeries. I took the opportunity to discuss with him the future of the museum. Shropshire Council may soon withdraw funding from its museum service as it seeks to set a legal budget for the next year against the background of very tight financial constraints.

Much Wenlock museum

Cllr David Turner, Philip Dunne MP, Phil Cawood museum assistant

There are a number of issues which Shropshire Council needs to address in this proposal.

  • First of all, the museum, a tribute to Much Wenlock’s pioneering William Penny Brookes, attracts visitors from all over the world. Its value in educational and tourism terms cannot be underestimated.
  • Secondly, some £500,000 of Heritage Lottery funding was used in refurbishing the museum ahead of the 2012 London Olympics; the clawback provisions of the grant are onerous, and
  • Thirdly, the freehold of the premises housing the museum is owned by Much Wenlock Town Council. The lease to Shropshire Council has a further twenty years to run at a headline market rent of £12,250. The Town Council, recognising the benefit the museum brings to the town, makes a significant and conditional discount, so Shropshire Council pays only £4,000 p.a.

Very careful consideration needs to be given by all concerned before a decision is taken about the museum’s future, and who might run it. The response to public consultation locally this summer must undergo the most careful appraisal.

Clean For The Queen – update

Saturday 5th March saw us embark on a well-heralded litter-picking exercise in Much Wenlock. A team started from The Square and, meanwhile, a troop of Girl Guides cleaned the town Art Trail. We found bottles, cans and wrappers in the hedges and on the verges as we walked around Wenlock. We even discovered an intact hen’s egg on the verge of Racecourse Lane..!


An astonishing quantity of rubbish was found on the verge outside Shadwell Quarry on the A4169 and the clean-up exercise in this location had to be terminated when the collection bags became too heavy to carry safely. I have reported this to Shropshire Council’s Street Scene team for further attention.

Thanks to the volunteers and to Much Wenlock Town Council who endorsed the exercise and provided insurance cover – “only for those under 80 years of age”! It was gratifying to be stopped in the street by local residents who appreciated the pride of place shown by volunteers. I still have a few official bags, together with my hi-viz vests and litter grabbers, if anyone wants to make another litter-picking foray locally at any time. Just let me know.


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