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Flood attenuation ponds construction

The excavation of the flood attenuation ponds at The Shylte (Stretton Road) and The Sytche are progressing well after the Christmas break.

Before Christmas there were some issues with mud on the road and, as a result of my intervention, the road was reswept on 23rd December. The contractor has installed further wheel washes at the Shylte site compound and Sytche and has also created a tarmac area at Shylte to try and prevent as much mud getting on to the Highway. I understand that the highways situation is now much improved.

Excavation at Shylte

Excavation at Shylte

Construction machinery at The Sytche

Construction machinery at The Sytche

Wheel wash at The Sytche

Wheel wash at The Sytche

Much Wenlock: The Shylte Brook

After the severe flash flooding in the Cornish town of Boscastle in 2004, the Environment Agency was tasked with looking at other catchments around the country that would behave in a similar manner should conditions prevail.  A number of other catchments have been identified and the Shylte Brook, running through Much Wenlock, is one of them. Further details are here and and there’s also a useful map showing the course of the Shylte and Sytche brooks, before they flow into the Farley brook and down the valley towards the River Severn.

Flood emergency response exercise

I took considerable comfort recently when I witnessed a small part of the multi-agency surface water flood response exercise for Shropshire. Police, fire & rescue, Environment Agency and Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin councils were amongst those testing their response to events such as those in 2000 and 2007 which caused such damage to property in Much Wenlock.

This exercise In March was played out using Coalbrookdale, Llanyblodwel and Much Wenlock as case studies – all communities that are susceptible to quick-to-peak surface water flooding events when the ground is either rock-hard or totally saturated. In either case, the water simply moves at increasing pace downhill and is undiscerning about where it goes.

Flood management in Much Wenlock


Much Wenlock’s surface water flooding problems have been addressed in Shropshire Council’s “Integrated Urban Drainage Management Plan”. This specifies two flood attenuation ponds, to hold floodwater back at The Sytche and Stretton Road. They have planning consent and negotiations are proceeding well to secure the land. Funding has been secured and work is expected to commence on these ponds at the end of this year.

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A planning application in respect of a site to accommodate the resultant spoil is currently under consideration by Shropshire Council: 15/05359/FUL | Restoration of disused quarry to restore habitat, in particular to encourage the re-growth of calcareous grassland (UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitat), utilising surplus material from proposed attenuation ponds that will form the Much Wenlock Flood Alleviation Scheme | Westwood Quarry Stretton Westwood Much Wenlock Shropshire TF13 6DD

Update 1st March 2016: This planning application was approved by Shropshire Council’s South Planning Committee at this afternoon’s meeting. As the Local Member and in accordance with Shropshire Council’s constitution, I did not take part in consideration of this agenda item and I did not vote on it.

Flood management – riparian ownership

WatercourseThe responsibility for the maintenance of a stream, brook ditch or culvert rests with the owner of the land through which it passes.  Where an ordinary watercourse forms the boundary of two properties, the maintenance responsibility is usually shared.

Queries regarding ordinary watercourses and their maintenance should be directed to Shropshire Council on 0345 678 9006 or email To learn how to maintain a watercourse, please follow this link.

Flooding risk

The current flooding problems across the country remind us that at times Much Wenlock and its surrounding settlements are subject to flooding. Shropshire Council is offering free property flood surveys.  The surveys will be carried out by an approved independent surveyor.  An assessment will be made of the likely routes of ingress for flood water entering your property, and the steps that you can take to either help keep the water out or reduce its impact.

After visiting, the surveyor will then issue a brief report outlining the findings.  You can then use it to help plan protective measures for your property.  Shropshire Council can also provide further guidance on the types of products that are available.

If you would like to arrange a free survey, please email or call 0345 678 9000.

Much Wenlock & Shipton Local Joint Committee

The LJC will meet at Priory Hall at 7:00pm on Wednesday 29th January. There will be presentations about flood management and first responders, as well as by past recipients telling how they’ve spent their grant money. There are also a number of grant applications for local causes. All are very welcome to attend.

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