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Swan & Falcon Inn


The Swan & Falcon Inn, more recently occupied by Barclays Bank, has been empty for some months. There has been much local concern since planning enforcement action resulted in a neighbouring part-built property at 26 Falcons Court in Much Wenlock’s High street being demolished some years ago. An appeal to the planning inspector to approve the development was dismissed [1] in September 2010 on a number of grounds including the character and appearance of the Much Wenlock Conservation Area, the effect upon neighbouring occupiers, the scale of the development and the materials used.

Following the demolition of the newly-built property, the site was sold to the owners of the former bank building. Subsequent planning applications for the building and the empty site have been lodged but have failed to meet with approval. The site has lain empty for some years and there has been further concern about the visual impact on the town.


So I welcome the fact that there’s been a re-submission, omitting the developments to the side and rear, and retaining the willow tree on the back land. The details are contained in the planning application [2] and the listed building application [3]. While there will doubtless be comments on the proposals, at first glance the proposal seems to address many of the previous objections raised by local residents.

15 High Street Much Wenlock - proposed front elevation

15 High Street Much Wenlock – proposed front elevation

[1] Appeal decision

[2] Planning application

[3] Listed building application

Ironbridge Power Station (1)

Ironbridge Power Station has closed and it is now being decommissioned. After many years of generating power for the grid it is obsolete. The owner, Uniper, will now try to extract the company to its best advantage.

Meanwhile the host community has to fight its corner. It sits – just – within Shropshire Council and is its single largest NDR (business rates) contributor. It has an obvious link with the World  Heritage Site of Ironbridge and is close to the boundary of the electoral division of Much Wenlock.

Ironbridge Power Station and its neighbours

Ironbridge Power Station and its neighbours

There is obvious potential for the site to be redeveloped over time and clearly there are concerns about the end use(s) and the impact that they might have on the locality. There are significant opportunities for local employment and for regional economic regeneration. I recently met with Cllr Claire Wild, within whose electoral division the power station sits, and Cllr Nicola Lowery, who is the Member for Ironbridge in order to open up lines of communication ahead of the Shropshire’s and Telford’s discussions with Uniper about the future of the site. We are determined to ensure that local communities’ voices are heard in coming months. The Shropshire Star has our story.

Cllrs Nicola Lowery, Claire Wild and David Turner

Cllrs Nicola Lowery, Claire Wild and David Turner



Planning – Shropshire Local Plan Review

As part of the Inspector’s Examination of the Site Allocations and Management of Development (SAMDev) Plan, Shropshire Council committed to an early partial review of its Local Plan, extending the plan period from 2026 to 2036. Strategic options include:

  • Housing Requirement
  • Strategic distribution of future growth
  • Strategies for employment growth
  • Delivering development in rural settlements

Much Wenlock, of course, has a Neighbourhood Development  Plan which was adopted in July 2014. It covers the period from 2013 to 2026 and clearly the roll forward to 2036 raises a number of important issues. I am keen to ensure that the consultation process recognises the Neighbourhood Plan’s importance and the local tensions around housing numbers. I therefore spoke at Shropshire Council’s Cabinet meeting today (18th January). You can hear what I said at about 22:40 and Portfolio Holder Cllr Mal Price’s response at around 28:10.

Shropshire Council’s Cabinet approved the proposal on 18th January and a public consultation will take place for a period of 8 weeks from 23rd January. You may access the consultation online here.

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