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Local elections on 4th May

On 5th April, Shropshire Council published details of the candidates for elections to be held on 4th May.

So far as Shropshire Council elections are concerned, I was surprised to learn that I am the only candidate for the Much Wenlock division. As such, this is the only seat out of 74 across the authority not to be contested. So, come 4th May, I will have been elected uncontested as the Conservative candidate for Much Wenlock division.IMG_0492

As regards town and parish council elections, the following is the position in the Much Wenlock division.

Barrow Parish Council (five members)

Current Parish Councillors Nick Downes, Philip Knott and Milner Whiteman have been nominated. Long-serving parish councillors Shirley King and Sally Gibbon are standing down. Anne Skinner from Linley and Steven Churchill from Benthall have been nominated. Given that the number of nominations equals the complement of the parish council, there will be no election.

Broseley Town Council, Broseley Wood ward (one member)

Current Town Councillor Andy Cooke is standing down and Gavin Goodall, who has recently moved to Shropshire, has been nominated. Given that he is unopposed, there will be no election.

Easthope, Shipton & Stanton Long Parish Council, Easthope ward (two members)

Current Parish Councillors Robin Gibson and Bob Seaward are standing down. No nominations have been received, so the Parish Council will co-opt for this ward.

Easthope, Shipton & Stanton Long Parish Council, Shipton ward (two members)

Current Parish Councillors Simon Brown and Brian Williams have been nominated. Given that the number of nominations equals the complement of the ward, there will be no election.

Easthope, Shipton & Stanton Long Parish Council, Stanton Long ward (three members)

Current Parish Councillors Mike Belshaw, Keith Jones and Jonathan Taylor have been nominated. Given that the number of nominations equals the complement of the ward, there will be no election.

Much Wenlock Town Council (eleven members)

Current Town Councillors Robin Bennett, Mike Grace, Paul Laming, Joffrey Watson and I are standing down and Graham Edgcumbe-Venning, Bert Harper, Mary Hill, Yvonne Holyoak, Dafydd Jenkins and Milner Whiteman OBE are standing again. New candidates standing are Trevor Childs, former town mayor David Gibbon, Robert Toft and Michael Walter. There is one nomination short of the full complement, so the Town Council will co-opt.

A Shropshire Councillor’s week – 1

From time to time, I’ll write a resumé of my week’s activities, mostly about my work at Shropshire Council and Much Wenlock Town Council, of which I’m a member. I’ve no intention of writing a piece every week (and probably not even every month), but it will give you a flavour of my typical week’s work.

  • On Monday morning I drove to Shropshire Council’s offices at Stanley Lane, Bridgnorth for the South Planning Committee chair’s briefing. I’m vice-chair and have to attend for a number of reasons. Principally, if chairman Cllr David Evans finds himself unable to attend the planning meeting, I’m briefed and able to step into his shoes. Also, if there’s a matter being discussed for the area that a Planning Committee member represents, they take no part in the discussion and do not vote. If David was prevented from speaking, I would take the chair.
  • The briefing was carried out by the Shropshire Council planning officers who would present the application to the meeting on the following day. Also squeezed into the small meeting room was the Council’s solicitor who would be providing legal advice to councillors, and the committee officer who would take the minutes of the meeting. There was a discussion about the key points in each planning application, and a briefing on which members of the public and which representatives of town and parish councils would be speaking. We also decided to ask the committee to vary the order of the agenda in order that the Ludlow supermarket application could be taken first. There was likely to be a lot of public interest and we generally try to ensure that folk don’t have to sit too long waiting for the item they want to hear.
  • Once the briefing was complete, we met South Planning Committee members on the site of a planning application in Much Wenlock. This was for a proposed affordable dwelling development just off the A458 Bridgnorth Road and adjacent to Oakfield Park and the lane to Callaughton.The planning officer described the application, indicated where the site boundaries are and pointed out important aspects that had been raised in the period since the application was made. These included issues raised by neighbours and objectors, such as proximity of existing dwellings and drainage, access and traffic speed concerns. The site visit provides Planning Committee members with the opportunity to ask about physical features on site and to gain an understanding that will be helpful when considering the application at the formal Planning Committee meeting. Members of the public and local councils are able to attend site visits to hear what is said by the planning officer, but they are not permitted to engage in dialogue at this stage.
Callaughton lane planting scheme

Callaughton lane planting scheme

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Advice surgery in Much Wenlock

Over the past twelve months as your Shropshire Councillor I have held well-attended advice surgeries in Much Wenlock, Willey, Broseley Wood, Shipton and, most recently, Brockton.

My next surgery will be at Much Wenlock Museum on 12th July from 10:30am until noon when I anticipate being accompanied by a Town Councillor and the police. Any local residents are welcome to drop in. Of course, if anyone has a problem that they think I can help with, they can contact me at any time by telephone or email.

See my advice surgery dates

David Turner

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