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Affordable housing

The planning application for affordable housing – a key aspect of Much Wenlock’s nationally-acclaimed Neighbourhood Development Plan – on land at Callaughton lane, near to Oakfield Park, was approved on 11th October. Shropshire Council’s South Planning Committee heard speakers (including me) for and against the proposal, and the Committee then voted unanimously in favour of the application. In accordance with Shropshire Council’s protocol and as the Local Member, I left the room whilst Committee members debated the application’s merits and I did not take part in the vote.

I understand that construction is expected to start in February 2017 with SJ Roberts Construction and Lowfield Timber Frames as the principal contractors. I believe that, in due course, they will be advertising locally for tradesmen and suppliers.

The housing is for local people and the Local Lettings Plan will be finalised shortly. In the meantime those who are interested in these properties would do well to ensure that their current details are registered with Shropshire HomePoint which manages the Shropshire Housing Register, also known as the Housing Waiting List. If you’re interested in the shared equity properties, contact Maggie Davis, or customer services at Shropshire Housing Group on 0300 303 1190.

Affordable housing scheme

MWNP logo colThe adopted Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan seeks to encourage home ownership at an affordable level which suits the needs of an ageing population, first- time buyers and young families. It cites small schemes comprising up to ten dwellings to remain as affordable housing for people with a local connection, in perpetuity.

Marches CLT Services, a consultancy provided by Shropshire Housing Group with expertise in community-led housing, has been working with a small group of local people to explore this ambition. The Town Council will consider how it will work with this community-led housing initiative at its next meeting on 3rd September 2015. The meeting will, as usual, be held in public. Further information about the scheme may be found on the website:

Neighbourhood Plan meeting

As you may have read here and in the local press, the Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan referendum returned an 85% “Yes” vote. This is a very firm endorsement of the first such plan in the West Midlands to reach this stage.  The turnout was 42%, one of the highest of the seventeen plans put to referendum in England so far.

MWNP logo colWhat happens now? I have arranged a meeting on 22nd July where Shropshire Council officers will explain how the Neighbourhood Plan will work in practice when a planning application for a new development is submitted. They will also touch on other topics including the Much Wenlock Place Plan and the Community Infrastructure Levy.

All are welcome and there will be a question and answer session – the Priory Hall doors open at 7:30pm.

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