Advice surgeries

I hold advice surgeries for local residents about every six weeks, and I try to change location each time so that there’s always a chance that there’s one near to you. I’ve held more than 50 since I was first elected.

Usually a local town or parish councillor will be present and, providing shift patterns or an unexpected incident don’t prevent their attendance, there will normally be a representative of our local West Mercia Police Safer Neighbourhood Team on hand. That will often mean that we can deal with your concerns on the spot which, experience tells me, is always welcomed.

All kinds of issues are raised – from planning to highways, and from housing to fly-tipping. Whatever it is, we try to sort it out quickly and get back to you with a response.21106008_1093491397449003_3879625348260749853_n

My next advice surgery will be at

Shipton Village Hall TF13 6JX

on 25th January 2020

No appointment is necessary – just drop in. And you don’t have to have a problem either – we’re always pleased just to see visitors! There is usually a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit on offer too.

You can, of course, contact me at any time by telephone – 01952 728802 – or email: And please don’t be afraid to stop me in the street if you want to discuss something. If it isn’t convenient, I’ll make a note of your contact details and get in touch with you shortly.

Advice surgery dates – all on a Saturday, all starting at 10:30am.

19th December 2020 Shipton Village Hall TF13 6JX

14th November 2020 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

3rd October 2020 Willey Village Hall TF12 5JN

22nd August 2020 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

11th July 2020 Shipton Village Hall TF13 6JX

30th May 2020 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

18th April 2020 Willey Village Hall TF12 5JN

7th March 2020 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

25th January 2020 Shipton Village Hall TF13 6JX

14th December 2019 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

2nd November 2019 Willey Village Hall TF12 5JN

21st September 2019 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

10th August 2019 Shipton Village Hall TF13 6JX

29th June 2019 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

18th May 2019 Willey Village Hall TF12 5JN

6th April 2019 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

23rd February 2019 Shipton Village Hall TF13 6JX

12th January 2019 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

1st December 2018 Willey Village Hall TF12 5JN

20th October 2018 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

8th September 2018 Brockton CofE Primary School TF13 6JR

28th July 2018 Willey Village Hall TF12 5JN

9th June 2018 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

21st April 2018 Shipton Village Hall TF13 6JX

3rd March 2018 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

13th January 2018 Willey Village Hall TF12 5JN

25th November 2017 Much Wenlock Museum TF13 6HR

14th October 2017 Brockton CofE Primary School TF13 6JR

26th August 2017 Much Wenlock Museum

8th July 2017 Willey Village Hall

20th May 2017 Much Wenlock Museum

18th March 2017 Much Wenlock Museum

28th January 2017 Shipton Village Hall

17th December 2016 Much Wenlock Museum


29th October 2016 Willey Village Hall

10th September 2016 Much Wenlock Museum

30th July 2016 Brockton CofE Primary School

18th June 2016 Much Wenlock Museum

30th April 2016  Willey Village Hall

12th March 2016 Much Wenlock Museum

23rd January 2016 Shipton Village Hall

28th November 2015 Much Wenlock Museum

10th October 2015 Willey Village Hall

15th August 2015 Much Wenlock Museum

20th June 2015 Brockton CofE Primary School

9th May 2015 Much Wenlock Museum

21st March 2015 Willey Village Hall

31st January 2015 Much Wenlock Museum

13th December 2014 Shipton Village Hall

25th October 2014 Much Wenlock Museum

30th August 2014 Willey Village Hall

12th July 2014 Much Wenlock Museum

24th May 2014 Brockton CofE Primary School

5th April 2014 Much Wenlock Museum

22nd February 2014 Broseley Cricket Club

25th January 2014 Much Wenlock Museum

30th November 2013 Shipton Village Hall

19th October 2013 Much Wenlock Museum

7th September 2013 Willey Village Hall

13th July 2013 Much Wenlock Museum