Shropshire’s Care Leaver Covenant

Shropshire’s business leaders were invited to the launch of the county’s new ‘Care Leaver Covenant’ on 25 October. This event was to find out how they can help make a positive difference to the experiences and prospects of Shropshire young people leaving care – and what difference this could make to their organisation.

The Care Leaver Covenant is a Government-led initiative that aims to bring on board the wider business community and organisations to offer their support, services and opportunities to young people as they leave the care of the local authority.

Children are taken into care for several reasons, all of which present challenges to these young people. Together with Shropshire Council, signatories to the Care Leaver Covenant would become part of the wider corporate family for care leavers who, unlike many children, don’t benefit from the support network provided by an extended family.

Participation in this initiative is a very positive way to extend corporate social responsibility for Shropshire’s businesses, and to continue to build the strong culture of business contribution in our county.

Care leavers - businesses event

Businesses, including several I had invited, had the opportunity to hear about the fantastic work that has already been done by Shropshire Council and our young people in the publishing of our Local Offer to care leavers. The Local Offer includes the support available for finance, employment, training, education, accommodation, health and wellbeing, and even relationships.

Businesses were also able to hear how they could contribute and make a positive difference to the experiences and prospects of Shropshire young people leaving care, and crucially what a difference it could make to the life of a Shropshire young person. If your organisation wishes to sign up to the Care Leaver Covenant, then please do so through the My Covenant website For further information, please email

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