Connected Wenlock

I last wrote about broadband in (and around) Much Wenlock in March. At that point I was about to step away from BT home broadband at around 2Mbps and sign up with Airband fixed wireless broadband, which promised to give us 30Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload speed.

The Airband mast at Bourton Westwood

That promise has largely been fulfilled, save that we have had a few service failures. I felt compelled to pursue this option, enabled by Shropshire Council’s Connecting Shropshire programme, because we live 2½ miles from the BT exchange, and the last two miles is conducted through BT’s fairly ancient copper cable. This is not conducive to high broadband speeds.

30Mbps download speed with Airband at Wyke

The vast majority of premises in the Much Wenlock Town Council area now have access to superfast broadband (with a download speed of 30+Mbps) from either the Airband, Openreach or Secure Web Services (SWS) infrastructure. My recent conversation on this topic with a local businessman who trades on an international scale, prompted a response of “broadband in Wenlock is excellent.  We have fibre, which is basically as good as it gets”.

I was therefore disappointed to read a claim about Much Wenlock in the Shropshire Star this week that “the broadband around here is not very good.”

Broadband is now considered a basic utility by many, and features in house-purchasers’ considerations as much as the proximity of good schools and other services. I did check this week and find that fibre broadband can provide 40Mbps in Much Wenlock High Street and, for instance, Queen Street and Smithfield Road can achieve over 70Mbps. Of course, now we have a new cellphone mast at Easthope Cross, the mobile telephone signal for many in Much Wenlock is also very good. On EE, I’ve got a broadband speed of about 75Mbps whilst waiting at the bus stop in Queen Street.

The cellphone mast at Easthope Cross

The overwhelming majority of properties in Much Wenlock can now access a superfast broadband service  If you’re not getting broadband speed of 30Mbps at home or at work in Much Wenlock, it maybe that you haven’t upgraded to a superfast broadband connection with your chosen internet service provider. You should check with your internet service provider or use the information on the Connecting Shropshire website, to find out more.

So, contrary to the quote in the Shropshire Star – the broadband around here is very good!