Much Wenlock Town Council

As Shropshire Councillor for Much Wenlock, I have attended nearly every monthly meeting of the Town Council for a little over five years. I’ve missed a couple due to either illness or, quite recently, heavy snow. At each meeting I have delivered an up-to-the-minute oral report, which has covered a wide range of issues about Shropshire Council’s opportunities and challenges, planning, policing and health, to name but a few. I have also presented similar reports to Barrow Parish Council and to Easthope, Shipton & Stanton Long Parish Council and, occasionally, to Broseley Town Council. My report gives topical information to councillors and members of the public who may be present, my comments are recorded in summary form, and it provides me with an opportunity to take away and act on concerns expressed at the meeting.

 It is therefore a matter of regret that I received a communication from Much Wenlock Town Council at the end of June saying it “will not provide you with a platform to present your report at our Town Council meeting”.

“….in litigation.”!

 I make further reference to this in a personal statement I will publish this week.