As I know only too well, the BT superfast fibre rollout does not benefit those properties a long distance from the exchange or the cabinet. At my home, 2Mbps download and unbroken service from BT is a rare luxury!

The delivery partner for the new phase of Shropshire Council’s superfast broadband programme is Airband Community Internet Ltd. This Worcester-based company will be responsible for delivering superfast broadband to over 14,000 homes and businesses in the Shropshire Council area over the next three years. Airband’s deployment of fixed wireless broadband works by sending a radio signal from a transmitter site to a small receiver attached to the property.

The transmitter near Much Wenlock is now live and Airband are inviting you to check if you are able to receive their service on: I am not endorsing this company, because I haven’t yet experienced their installation. 

They have been out to our house to take a look, been up the ladder and got a line of sight on the Bourton Westwood mast. Next week should see the installation take place and then I’ll be able to report what the outcome is. Fingers crossed!