Off-street parking in Much Wenlock – new machines, but little change

Back in August I drew your attention to the consultation on Shropshire Council’s new draft parking strategy. The proposals included:

  • ‘Linear’ (set price per hour) parking, pricing bands, unrestricted parking, evening parking, loading bays and ‘pop and shop’ parking.
  • A new policy and tariff framework for weekly tickets, season tickets, residents’ off-street permits, and for coach and HGV parking.
  • Changes to Shropshire’s Council’s on-street residents’ parking permit scheme.
  • Changes to the car parking waiver system.

Over 2,500 responses were received, plus petitions from both Shrewsbury and Market Drayton. Over thirty responses were received from Much Wenlock addresses, the Town Council made representations, and I slapped in a five-page submission and a file of photographs illustrating empty car parks and full streets.

David in Falcons Court car park - little chance of being knocked down!
David in Falcons Court car park – little chance of being knocked down!

Shropshire Council’s Cabinet will decide whether to approve the revised proposals so far as off-street parking is concerned at its meeting on Wednesday 17th January. So far as I can see little has changed from what I believe are unacceptable proposals for Much Wenlock.

New Road car park

For long-term parking, charges will rise – which will do nothing to increase the use of Falcons Court car park in particular.

There had been proposals for the parking charges across Shropshire to apply until 8pm but, happily, that has been ditched for most of the smaller towns, including Wenlock. The 8am – 6pm charging period remains.

The proposal to discontinue the popular concessionary “pop and shop” free fifteen minutes has been dropped, but the period has been reduced to five minutes. With the ten minutes “grace” that the enforcement officers have to allow, this effectively means that 25 minutes is reduced to fifteen. Useful, but not as useful as before the changes.

One change that we will see is to the parking meters. These will be very more user-friendly, introducing cashless options.

I will continue to campaign for more sensible parking arrangements for Much Wenlock which will help local residents, and encourage shoppers and visitors to visit the town. Watch this space!

Shropshire Council’s Parking Strategy – Public Consultation Results (NB 6MB download!)