Local homes for local people in Much Wenlock

The development off the Callaughton lane in Much Wenlock is proceeding apace and is on schedule for completion in the spring of 2018. There seems to be uncertainty in some quarters about the eligibility of local people for these new homes. The Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan 2013-26 provides for meeting the affordable housing needs of people with a local connection to Much Wenlock. Hopefully the following will provide greater clarity.


The Local Lettings Plan (LLP) for the development is based on others used in Shropshire and, in brief, preference will be given to people with a strong Much Wenlock connection. This means either a resident or a person with a local connection to the parish of Much Wenlock will need to meet two criteria, such as 1): your parents were permanently resident in the local area at the time of your birth, or 2): you were in permanent residence in the local area for any period of five years as a child attending a local school. There are a number of other alternative qualifying criteria; this scheme is different from any previous affordable housing developments in Much Wenlock as this is the first time there will be an LLP in place which will give priority to local people.


Only if there are insufficient applicants from Much Wenlock within six weeks will applications be open to neighbouring parishes. And only after twelve weeks of insufficient applicants will applications then be open to the whole of Shropshire. There is more detail in the LLP document which is available to view on Shropshire Housing Group’s website using this download link. The LLP was considered formally by the Town Council at its meetings of 2nd June 2016 and 6th April 2017 and there have been frequent updates from the Project Group.

Shropshire HomePoint provides one-stop access for people seeking housing and manages the Shropshire Housing Register, also known as the Housing Waiting List. When the new properties are close to completion, applicants will be able to bid for them via HomePoint. Application forms are available from Shropshire Homepoint, on-line at  www.shropshirehomepoint.co.uk and limited availability on the site notice board. Shropshire Housing Group’s updates on the project are now all via the Facebook group Callaughtons Ash, Much Wenlock”.