At night Much Wenlock’s streets are full and the car parks are nearly empty*

Shropshire Council’s consultation setting out its car parking proposals is divided into four parts. The second one deals with the tariff framework for:

  1. Weekly tickets
  2. Season tickets
  3. Residents’ off-street permits
  4. Coach & HGV parking

Probably the most interesting aspect of the second consultation is the proposal to make residents’ off-street car parking permits available in Much Wenlock. There are two pricing discount options being considered and there are two different types of permit. Type 1 is valid all of the time and Type 2 probably from 5pm until 10am and at all times on Saturdays and Sundays.

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For Much Wenlock, Type 1 is either £320 or £400 in St Mary’s Lane or Falcons Court. In New Road it will be £192 or £240 dependent upon the discount option. Type 2, which will probably appeal to commuters living in the town, is either £160 or £240 in St Mary’s Lane or Falcons Court. In New Road it will be £96 or £144 dependent upon the discount option. Given that the only current permit alternative is a season ticket (£450 in St Mary’s Lane and Falcons Court or £270 in New Road) this is worth consideration.

It is proposed that weekly tickets may be purchased and can be used at all Shropshire Council car parks in the same, or lower, banding. For Much Wenlock, buying 8 hours on the meter in Falcons Court or St Mary’s Lane currently costs £3 per day, and if you’re parking for five days that would be £15. The proposal is that this would now be £17 for the week. If you’re parking in New Road car park currently it would cost you £9 for the week and the proposal would cost £10.

There are further season tickets available for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Shropshire Council is consulting on two discount options but, at these proposed prices, it will be surprising if they prove attractive to drivers.

Much Wenlock season ticket options - click to enlarge

Much Wenlock season ticket options – click to enlarge

The current charges are lower than those proposed and, in the past three years, only four season tickets have been purchased. I don’t know what length of time these were for.

Fullscreen capture 15-Jul-018

The consultation not only seeks your comments on the proposals, but also any alternative suggestions that you might have. Of course, you may have observations about how the proposed strategy might affect Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth or other towns that many of us visit.

* Health warning – I have extracted this information from the draft consultation which was approved by Shropshire Council’s Cabinet on 12th July 2017. I have endeavoured to represent it accurately so far as Much Wenlock is concerned, but I urge you to refer to the official consultation document when you make your comments.

5 Responses to “At night Much Wenlock’s streets are full and the car parks are nearly empty*”

  • M Jarman:

    As a daily user of the roads in Much Wenlock I get absolutely frustrated,it is single lane only on most of them and whilst I sympathise with the residents who live there they chose to live in a house with no off street parking.
    Where it is possible,and it would not be difficult,why not implement a one way system !!!

  • patricia jarman:

    I am all for getting the street parking sorted because it is a real problem driving around Wenlock It dosen’t matter what route you travel it is all single file due to parked cars and some in very dangerous places There seems to be this idea that Wenlock is only a small town so it dosen’t really matter where or how i park my car This has been a big problem for years and is about time it was sorted out

  • Rebecca Lawrence:

    Lots of houses in Wenlock do not have parking. Residents permits are a good idea but I don’t agree in charging residents for them otherwise it’s just another hidden way the council are making money. We already pay road tax!! Why should people who live here have to make way for those just visiting? I disagree with the comment about people choosing to buy houses without parking…most of the housing stock in Wenlock is very old and predates cars. So in essence yes to permit but no to it being an additional cost. Life is hard enough!!

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