Mobile telephone signal

Much Wenlock and its surrounding area has a notoriously patchy mobile phone signal. Dependent upon which provider you’re with, you might have no signal at the bottom of Much Wenlock High Street and good reception in St Mary’s Lane car park, just 100 yards away. In some of the outlying settlements there are large swathes where there is no reception at all.


I, along with other Shropshire Councillors and our MPs, especially Ludlow’s Philip Dunne, have been campaigning hard on this issue for years – here‘s what I said last year. From the safety aspect right the way through to better digital communication for business purposes, good mobile reception is as important as superfast fibre broadband in ensuring that Shropshire can compete with other parts of the UK and the world.

So I am pleased that EE has submitted an application and have been granted consent to erect a lattice tower at Easthopes Cross which will provide a 4G service from covering much of the Much Wenlock area from September 2017. I am encouraged to learn that further upgrades are planned for our area in the near future.Fullscreen capture 17-Feb-17 103218 PM.bmp