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A couple of years ago, BT carried out an exercise seeking to identify community views regarding little-used public telephones. BT is now undertaking a formal 90-day consultation process, commencing this month, in respect of a further list of 214 payphones in Shropshire.

There are only two on the list in my Much Wenlock division – in Homer and in Quarry Road, Broseley Wood. At the previous consultation it was evident that only six calls had been made from the Homer payphone in the previous twelve months. BT now say that, in the past twelve months, no calls* have been made from this payphone. This may be a reflection of the increasing use of mobile telephones.

BT payphone, Homer

BT payphone, Homer

I’d be very interested to learn your views on this if you’re a Homer resident or if, for instance, you walk in the area.

Meanwhile, in Quarry Road, Broseley Wood, the classic red phone box has had no calls made from it in the past twelve months. It seems likely that Broseley Town Council will ask for the box to be retained if the telephony equipment is removed. I’d like to know what your views are on this.

BT payphone, Quarry Road, Broseley Wood

BT payphone, Quarry Road, Broseley Wood

As we know, at present the quality of  the mobile signal in Much Wenlock, Broseley and the surrounding area varies according to where you are and which network you use. I’m frequently attending meetings with network providers urging them to invest locally so that the signal improves but, until that time, folk on the move may have to reply on a payphone in an emergency. I look forward to hearing from you either by phone(!) – 01952 728802, or email

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  • In my original post, I misread the schedule and indicated that three calls had been made from the Homer payphone in the previous twelve months. In fact it was a big round zero!

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