GP beds in Much Wenlock saved!

A month ago I ended my piece about the GP beds with the words “This may be the end of the line for the GP beds, but Much Wenlock will not give them up without a fight!”.

Well, fight we did, and we succeeded. Linda Davies presented the petition at the Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Board’s meeting on 14th September. I addressed the Board, setting out the very good value for money argument and persuaded the Chair to circulate to Board members the letters written by the LoF, our MP Philip Dunne, the Town Council, Dr Wentel and by me.

I also addressed Shropshire Council’s Health & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee on 26th September, to which CCG Board members had been summoned. We were assured by the Committee Chair that it would be reviewing all of the CCG’s proposals most carefully. The LoF, Revd Matthew Stafford and I attended the Shropshire Health & Wellbeing Board on 29th September, when the Rector made an impassioned plea to that Board for common sense to prevail.

Finally, the LoF and I both submitted questions to the CCG Board meeting on 12th October when we were pleased to learn that, as a result of another private rehabilitation beds facility being withdrawn by its provider, the decision had been take to maintain the Much Wenlock GP beds.

Whilst there is no guarantee that the beds have been saved forever, this is clearly a good outcome for Much Wenlock and the surrounding area. It is also a fine example of how our community, pulling together, can achieve great results. Not the end of the line…