Pinefield – 40 High Street, Much Wenlock


I wrote in August and October about this house. Then it was hoped that sympathetic development of part of the garden might result in sufficient money being generated to put the Grade II listed Pinefield into good order. Unfortunately the proposal was unsatisfactory and there has been no apparent progress since then.

Shropshire Council has now served a “Section 215” notice on the owners. This sets out the minimum works required to bring the property back to a reasonable standard and which will rectify the “adverse effects the property is having on the amenity of the neighbourhood”. The specified works include removing vegetation from the building, repairing windows, doors, gutters and roof tiles and dealing with pointing and with the cracks in the render. At the time of writing this, a copy of the notice is fixed to the building.Pinefield

The notice requires the works be completed within six months. Hopefully, serving the notice will result in a positive transformation in the property’s integrity and appearance. Ideally, bringing it back into habitation will secure its future.