Waiting restrictions in Much Wenlock

There has been a lot of discussion about how best to manage on-street parking in Much Wenlock. With 120-plus car park spaces and a Pop & Shop scheme that enables shoppers to park in our four Shropshire Council car parks for fifteen minutes free of charge, there shouldn’t be a problem. Nonetheless, there have been problems, with the streets blocked, property and footways damaged, and pedestrians put at risk.

I have walked the town’s streets with the highways engineers and the head of parking enforcement, I’ve discussed the problem with Town Councillors and our local police team and I’ve had lots of conversations with pedestrians, motorists, residents and traders. There is now a consultation underway about proposals for High Street – where a disabled (Blue Badge) space will be created, Barrow Street which features a loading bay, Wilmore Street and Sheinton Street. Additionally, it is proposed that there will be no waiting around the bus stop in Queen Street, where bus drivers sometimes struggle to turn round in spite of parked vehicles. We do not wish to jeopardise the bus stopping at our valued shelter.

The formal proposals are here:

Sheinton Street

Queen Street and King Street

Wilmore Street, Barrow Street and High Street

For your convenience I show the planned proposals below:

Sheinton Street

Sheinton Street, Much Wenlock


Queen Street and King Street, Much Wenlock

Queen Street and King Street, Much Wenlock


High Street, Barrow Street and Wilmore Street, Much Wenlock

High Street, Barrow Street and Wilmore Street, Much Wenlock

Full details of these proposals are in the deposited documents which may be examined during usual office opening hours at The Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, or at Much Wenlock Library. Alternatively they may be viewed at:  www.shropshire.gov.uk/traffic. They have also been advertised in the Shropshire Star and Bridgnorth Journal newspapers on 2nd June.

If you wish to raise an objection, express support or make any other comments about these proposals please send an e-mail to: traffic.engineering@shropshire.gov.uk by 23 June 2016. You may also ring 0345 678 9006 for more information.

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  • Lesley Durbin:

    Dear Traffic management engineers
    I object most strenuously to the excessive application of double yellow lines around the junction of King Street and Queen St.
    I am a resident in that direct locality, note that there are no town councillors or civic society members who live anywhere nearby. They will be unaware that although there are very occasional circumstances when a bus has difficulty turning, you will note that there are 24 buses (at least) every day who make a turn at that junction and the occasion of difficulty are very seldom, and I might add that this is due more often than not to incompetent driving on the part of the bus driver than any other problems.
    You will recognise that Arriva buses will make any excuse not to drive down to Queen Street when they would prefer to drive straight through Much Wenlock. The bus company is overstating its case, this must be so because they now regularly send a double decker to Queen Street which seems to have no difficulty whatever in turning, I suggest that councillors will be unaware of this.
    Double yellow lines are unwelcome to the residents here because many of them have no off street parking, especially since parking charges were placed on the New Street Car Park, (the charges are small but still require an amount of management on the part of residents to make sure they do not unwittingly neglect to renew their ticket at the correct time). Double yellow lines are also unwelcome to the number of visitors who stop to use the wc’s. This innovation is an unnecessary cost to public spending which could be better spent elsewhere.
    I suggest that SC simply tell the bus company to get on with it, stop making a fuss, and train their drivers to make efficient three point turns.
    Yours faithfully
    Lesley Durbin
    4 Mardol Terrace
    Much Wenlock

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