Flood management in Much Wenlock


Much Wenlock’s surface water flooding problems have been addressed in Shropshire Council’s “Integrated Urban Drainage Management Plan”. This specifies two flood attenuation ponds, to hold floodwater back at The Sytche and Stretton Road. They have planning consent and negotiations are proceeding well to secure the land. Funding has been secured and work is expected to commence on these ponds at the end of this year.

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A planning application in respect of a site to accommodate the resultant spoil is currently under consideration by Shropshire Council: 15/05359/FUL | Restoration of disused quarry to restore habitat, in particular to encourage the re-growth of calcareous grassland (UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitat), utilising surplus material from proposed attenuation ponds that will form the Much Wenlock Flood Alleviation Scheme | Westwood Quarry Stretton Westwood Much Wenlock Shropshire TF13 6DD

Update 1st March 2016: This planning application was approved by Shropshire Council’s South Planning Committee at this afternoon’s meeting. As the Local Member and in accordance with Shropshire Council’s constitution, I did not take part in consideration of this agenda item and I did not vote on it.