Small housing developments and Affordable Housing Contribution

Recent quotes in the Shropshire Star attributed to housing developers were unrepresentative. The majority of our developers and agents have worked with and support Shropshire Council’s approach, whereby each new house build attracts an affordable housing contribution. This recognises the unique character of our beautiful rural county which attracts new developments of larger properties.

The position in our town of Much Wenlock is even starker. Zoopla, the property website covering the residential property market, has just published statistics showing that average prices in Wenlock are the highest in Shropshire.

Shropshire Council’s position is that affordable housing can only be provided with subsidy of some kind and there is an acute need for affordable housing in Shropshire. There are currently around 7,500 households seeking local affordable housing on the Council’s housing waiting list. We have house price to household income ratios of 13:1 in some areas, and over 80% of Shropshire’s earning households could not afford to buy a local level entry/starter home (2 bed terrace).
Shropshire Council’s Core Strategy policy CS11 requires that all new housing makes an appropriate contribution to local needs affordable housing, in recognition of our acute and particular affordable housing pressures. It is clear from the many viability studies undertaken that, in the vast majority of Shropshire building plots, there is adequate value in the deal to make this contribution.

Shropshire Council believes that the approach it has taken has been carefully considered and is fair and appropriate to Shropshire.