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At the beginning of June Shropshire Council held a well-attended “Mobile Telecommunications in Shropshire” briefing for business leaders and other key stakeholders. Representatives of the four main providers – EE, O2, Three and Vodafone – spoke along with spokesmen for Ofcom and the Department for Culture Media & Sport.

Ofcom said that improving mobile phone signal coverage is a Government priority and that it’s helping to achieve this in three ways:

  • releasing new “radio spectrum”
  • giving better coverage information to allow customers to make informed choices about which operator to use, and
    supporting Government-led initiatives, like the Mobile Infrastructure Project.
  • A spokesman from the Mobile Infrastructure Project talked about plans to improve mobile signal coverage in ‘not-spots’ around Shropshire between now and the end of March 2016.

I spoke about the frustration felt by folk in Much Wenlock and the surrounding area who found that the signal strength had either weakened or had been lost altogether in recent years. I will be maintaining the pressure to ensure that there is much-needed improvement locally.

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  • davidturner:

    Another meeting was held in January, where Shropshire Councillors and our MPs challenged Ofcom and the providers to come clean about their coverage. I spoke again about how people in Much Wenlock and its rural hinterland struggle with not only poor mobile reception but also low broadband speeds outside the town.

    Mobile signal strength continues to be an issue on which I will be campaigning strongly.

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