Flood management in Much Wenlock

In April I called a meeting at Shirehall to discuss past flooding issues and recent drainage investigations on the Hunters Gate estate in Much Wenlock. Severn Trent Water and Shropshire Council met with representatives of Much Wenlock Town Council and the Much Wenlock Flood Action Group to talk openly about flood risk in the area.

Recent Severn Trent Water investigations included CCTV camera surveys of the sewers which serve Hunters Gate. Further work by the company included computer modelling of how the sewers perform under different conditions. The investigations and modelling included the numerous underground tanks which form part of the surface water drainage network here.

The investigations uncovered a number of minor issues and a collapsed pipe. The collapse has already been repaired and the other minor issues were shown not to adversely affect how the sewers cope during heavy rain. The minor issues will be monitored to ensure they remain in an acceptable condition.

The key outcome of the investigation is that the sewers serving the development appear to be in a good state of repair and in accordance with the original design. It has been confirmed that flooding in the area results from surface water flows from the land above the estate, rather than due to the sewers which serve it.

Shropshire Council and Severn Trent Water will now work together to reduce the risk of flooding here. Funding, in the region of £140,000, has already been secured and this will be combined with the Shropshire Natural Flood Management Project which will commence shortly.