Public telephones

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Over the past seven years there has been a decline of 93% in payphone usage as a result of significant changes in communication in the UK. BT has been consulting on a programme of proposed public payphone removal. This has concentrated on those kiosks where there have been low call volumes.

Shropshire Council has collated responses and for those kiosks in Much Wenlock Division there will be no objection to the removal of the kiosk at Bourton (no calls in last twelve months), Shipton (1 call) and Benthall (2 calls). There will be no objection to the removal of telephony at Easthope (1 call), however the kiosk will remain, since Easthope, Shipton & Stanton Long Parish Council wish to adopt it. Shropshire Council has raised an objection to the removal of the Kiosk in Homer (6 calls).