HGV conflict on the A4169 in Much Wenlock

Much Wenlock residents and road users will be image1 (3)aware A4169 Sheinton Street is a narrow stretch of highway between each end of Station Road. There are frequent conflicts when large vehicles travelling in opposite directions meet. It is very difficult for them to pass without mounting the footway or pulling into driveways. This puts pedestrians at risk, causes kerb/footway damage, and can cause traffic queues whilst the vehicles manoeuvre past each other.

Shropshire Council has carried out a feasibility study which has looked at a number of possible solutions and all but one have been rejected. Most would have either put pressure on Station Road or create problems for pedestrians, all residents and drivers on the A4169 in this stretch, and were therefore unacceptable. The favoured solution is part-time signals with Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) detection. The traffic lights will show red only when required – when HGVs (or coaches, buses and large agricultural machinery) are present. This will prevent vehicle conflicts and footway overrunning – and provides a controlled pedestrian crossing facility. It requires a hard wired loop system under the road surface and may require a significant length of ducting.

The highways engineers still have to look at some of the detailed issues before this can proceed and, of course, the scheme will be competing with other projects across Shropshire for limited funds. I will continue to press for this work to take place as soon as possible.