For a number of weeks there has been little activity in terms of new planning applications. Now, a number of newly-proposed developments have provoked strong views from local residents.

You can see planning applications on-line – the library can help you find the website if you don’t have access to a computer at home. This is the website: If you wish to express your opinion about a planning application, either in support or against, you may do so on-line or in writing to Shropshire Council. Our local town or parish council is one of the principal consultees in the planning process.  It may consider to local opinion when commenting on applications.  You are free to contact this local council to put forward your views

Most planning applications are decided by officers of Shropshire Council using “delegated powers”.  A few, usually controversial applications, are decided by committee. I am a substitute member of the Shropshire Council Planning Committee so I will not be able to commit myself to a position on planning matters. Should I be called to a meeting of the committee, I would be unable to debate an application or to vote if I had already given my view on it to anyone. This would be described as “pre-determination”.

This does not mean that I cannot listen to local residents’ views. I can also keep a close watch on their comments.  Whether or not I am sitting on the Committee, if there is an application in this area on which I form a strong opinion, I will speak on it when it comes before the Committee.